California Water Professionals Appreciation Week Interview

Name: Chris Robinson

Title: Senior Waste Water Collections Tech

Number of years in the water industry: 13 years (18 total years with the City of Folsom)

Responsibilities: Directing a staff of 6 with daily duties such as the following:
• Ensuring the entire sewer system within the city is maintained including pump stations, flushing of main lines, CCTV mainlines and manhole inspections
• Responding to all sewer calls
• Residential issues/customer service

What attracted you to this type of work?
I sort of just fell into it. I worked as a Correctional Officer with the City for 5 years, and when that facility closed they offered some of the officers a job in various roles within the City of Folsom. I spent most of that time on the maintenance side which is responsible for all sewer repairs.

What would you say to someone considering working in the water industry?
Get your certificates. Especially if your employer is as generous as the City of Folsom is regarding education. I hold certificates in both water and waste water.

What do you think the public should know about working in the water industry?
That there is a lot of work and dedication that goes on behind the scenes to ensure the water is safe and clean. The same holds true for the waste water ensuring that our system works efficiently to handle all the sewage properly to limit any environmental impact.

What inspires you at work every day?
I enjoy helping the residents and solving their problems, especially the elderly.

Is there are particular moment or memory working in the water industry that stands out for you?
Seeing the relief of some residents when they find out that we can help them with their sewer problem. Especially if they don’t have to spend unnecessary money on a plumber if we determine the responsibility falls on our side of the sewer system. If it doesn’t, I enjoy talking them through the next or best course of action to resolve their issue.