For more than 60 years, CASA has been an influential voice and knowledgeable resource in support of wastewater agencies.

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Who Can Join CASA?

California public agencies or public organizations authorized by law to engage in the collection, treatment or disposal of wastewater, resource recovery, or the reclamation of water may become a CASA member.

Persons or organizations with a legitimate interest in the welfare of CASA and its mission and strategic goals may become an associate member.

Any agency interested in joining CASA should contact Shacara Gamboa, Manager of Association Services via email or at 916.446.0388 for more information.

Benefits of CASA Membership

As a member of CASA, you and your organization will enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Legislative advocacy on your behalf at the local, state and national levels
  • Advocacy and information on regulatory issues
  • Advocacy on legal matters
  • Access to a highly knowledgeable and experienced staff and Board consisting of engineers, scientists, attorneys, lobbyists, consultants and other professionals
  • Multiple opportunities to network with your peers and keep current through conferences and seminars
  • Opportunities to be presented the CASA Award of Excellence
  • Opportunities to meet experienced and skilled consultants who can help you with specific issues or general tasks
  • Opportunities to meet decision-makers at the organizations you work with
  • Opportunities to connect directly with your legislators to help influence decisions affecting your district, the state, and the country
  • Access to our CASA Connects newsletter, which offers an insider’s look at the happenings within the wastewater community
  • Access to communication tools and other resources to help you manage your organization
  • Participate in annual salary survey

Ready to join or want to learn more? Please contact Shacara Gamboa for more information.
(916) 446-0388

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