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One of CASA’s primary objectives is to identify issues that may affect the clean water efforts of our member agencies and tackle them head-on. This means we often advocate at both the state and federal levels on a variety of topics.

We work with a team of lobbyists who are among the best in their field. Working closely with CASA staff, these influencers engage CASA members to write letters, attend meetings, and take other actions to ensure a powerful and influential voice at the Capitol.

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SB 163 (Hertzberg) – Recycled Water: Ocean Dischargers

CASA’s Involvement/Position: Oppose
Status: Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee; hearing cancelled at the request of the author.
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SB 163 by Senator Bob Hertzberg would prohibit wastewater treatment plants with ocean outfalls from discharging into the Pacific Ocean and instead require them to recycle 100% of their treated effluent by 2036. Because of the substantial impact and precedent this legislation would set for all waste dischargers in California, CASA has formed a subcommittee of agency representatives to provide technical assistance with our advocacy efforts. CASA is working with our partner organizations in Sacramento to advocate that SB 163 reflect reasonable approaches to increasing water recycling in California.

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