For over 60 years, CASA has served as the leading voice for clean water agencies on regulatory, legislative and legal issues. We are the leading California association dedicated to advancing wastewater interests, including the recycling of wastewater into usable water, generation of renewable energy, biosolids and other valuable resources. Through our efforts, we help create a clean and sustainable environment for California.

We represent over 100 public agencies that engage in the collection, treatment or disposal of wastewater, resource recovery or water recycling. Our membership has grown to also include over 80 associate members involved in the water quality field. Associate members include engineering consultants, service and technology providers, accountants, attorneys and financial institutions.


To provide trusted information and advocacy on behalf of California clean water agencies, and to be a leader in sustainability and utilization of renewable resources.


To advance public policy and programs that promote the clean water community’s efforts in achieving environmental sustainability and the protection of public health.

Core Values

Reputable Information: We embrace our fundamental responsibility to advise policymakers and members with well-informed and balanced information.

Influential Leadership: We provide a strong, visionary voice and proactive approach on clean water sustainability and renewable resource issues.

Meaningful Collaboration: We recognize the strength of partnerships and the importance of building relationships that collectively progress shared goals.

Member Experience: We provide excellent and responsive association services, programs and resources to the CASA membership.


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