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The Obama Administration’s 2017 Proposed Budget

CASA’s Involvement/Position: Opposed
Status: Letter campaign
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President Obama’s proposed 2017 budget includes significant cuts to the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan program. The Clean Water SRF is a vital water infrastructure program used by wastewater agencies across California, and cutting funding would impose significant hardships on communities throughout California. This would have a direct, negative impact on California’s utilities and result in vital projects potentially going unfunded in the future.

Instead, CASA has joined calls from several members of the Congressional leadership requesting a minimum of $2,000,000,000 in fiscal year 2017 to support the Clean Water SRF. This funding commitment will allow water quality agencies in our state to initiate vital infrastructure projects that improve water quality and develop water-recycling projects to mitigate the impacts of drought. Even this enhanced appropriation is only a drop in the bucket, as a recent USEPA Clean Water Needs Survey identified more than $26 billion in funding needs for California alone.

It is vital that you reach out to your agency’s member of Congress and express your support for the Clean Water SRF program. Please cc Eric Sapirstein on any correspondence to your representative.

HR 3533 (Hunter)—Clean Water Act Citizen Suit Reform

CASA’s Involvement/Position: Support
Status: Introduced
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CASA advocated for introduction of H.R. 3533, a reasonable and measured approach to Clean Water Act citizen suit reform designed to prevent continued misuse of an important environmental law. The bill would (1) ensure attorney fee awards are appropriate to local markets and commensurate with the proportion of successful claims in each case, (2) clarify the definition of “diligent prosecution” in the CWA, thereby allowing state and federal authorities to exercise their primacy in enforcement, and (3) provide for normally accepted criminal and standard defenses to the Clean Water Act, similar to those provided in other federal environmental statutes.

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