Looking Ahead: 2023 Legislative Session
On Monday, December 5th the Legislature convened its organizing meeting for the upcoming 2023-24 legislative session. More than 40 Assembly Members-elect and Senators-elect were administered their oaths of office and officially sworn into their legislative terms. The two houses adopted resolutions to establish rules and procedures for the upcoming session and also elected their leaders. Notably, in the Assembly, a Resolution was adopted outlining the transition of leadership from Speaker Anthony Rendon to Speaker-elect Robert Rivas on June 30th 2023. Assembly Member James Gallagher was re-elected as Assembly Minority Leader.

CASA is preparing for the start of the new legislative session as well! Tomorrow, December 9, CASA’s State Legislative Committee will meet for our annual planning session where we will discuss priority legislation and topics of interest in the upcoming legislative session. Legislative Committee meetings are open to all CASA members. For more information about the meeting please contact Spencer Saks.

On the Senate side, Senate President pro Tempore Toni Atkins was re-elected, and Senate Republicans elected Senator Brian Jones as the new Minority Leader, taking over from Senator Scott Wilk. Several new bills were also introduced in the first day, many symbolic of each author’s top priorities in the coming year. The Legislature has now adjourned until after the holidays and will return on January 4th to begin legislative work for the year.