State Water Board Adopts Updated SSS WDR
On December 6, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted the new Sanitary Sewer System Waste Discharge Requirements Order (SSS WDR). The feedback with the final version of the Order has been very positive, and over the last two years, our members have provided countless hours and expertise to ensure the final requirements were practicable and implementable.

With a variety of new and modified requirements building upon the 2006 SSS WDR Order, the Clean Water Summit Partners will host a free Zoom webinar designed specifically for collection system managers, LROs, data submitters, and operators to help highlight different priority actions that should be pursued in the coming months and years in order to comply with the new SSS WDR Order, including the soonest requirements for which compliance must occur by April 4 and June 4, 2023.

The final order will be posted on the State Water Board’s website by the end of December, and in the interim, you may refer to these following resources: Proposed SSS WDR (October 28, 2022), Change Sheet #1 (December 1, 2022), Change Sheet #2 (December 6, 2022), Change Sheet #3 – Video (December 6, 2022). If you have any questions, please reach out to Jared Voskuhl.


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