SB 1383 Local Services Rate Analysis Report
CalRecycle has published the SB 1383 Local Services Rates Analysis Report conducted by R3 Consulting Group, Inc. The purpose of this report is to provide information regarding the cost impacts of SB 1383 to local jurisdictions. This R3 report addresses options and recommendations for funding mechanisms that can be used by jurisdictions to implement the collection requirements and support the development of organics recycling infrastructure. As fees for service, otherwise known as “customer rates,” are the most common funding mechanism that pays for solid waste collection, this report discusses how rates can be structured to address necessary cost increases. The results of this R3 study have been incorporated into a CalRecycle report required by SB 1383, which requires CalRecycle, in consultation with the California Air Resources Board, to analyze the progress that the waste sector, state government, and local governments have made in reducing organic waste disposal. Please contact Greg Kester with any questions.


State Water Board Releases Final Draft Proposed Toxicity Provisions
On October 30, the State Water Resource Control Board released the final drafts of the toxicity provisions and staff report. The provisions are currrently scheduled for adoption at the December 1, 2020 State Water Board meeting. CASA continues to work with State Water Board staff and Board members on refinements to the policy, but the draft provisions as well as the Board’s commitment to conduct an extensive study pertaining to the ceriodaphnia dubia reproduction test represent marked improvements over previous iterations. For more information please contact Jared Voskuhl at