LVMWD on Drought Response in Media
Las Virgenes Municipal Water District has positioned itself as a focal point of drought information for local, national, and international media and continues to serve as a prominent voice during the current drought emergency. LVMWD has been featured internationally on France Télévisions, Univision, BBC, London Times, and Voices of America, and they have had coverage on major networks such as NBC, CNN, FOX Weather, and NPR and various print media. While such intense media interest has presented its challenges, LVMWD is committed to the idea that transparency is key to fostering important relationships with the public through these outlets. To be afforded such a massive stage on which to tell the clean water story is quite uncommon for a water agency, and LVMWD is doing as much as possible to transform that attention into informed awareness.

Kudos to the LVMWD team who continue to work tirelessly on these efforts! The CASA staff applauds you!



IEUA Awarded Over $12 Million In Grant Funding for Recycled Water Project
Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA) and the Jurupa Community Services District (JCSD) have been awarded $12.3 million in grant funding from the United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) for the Joint IEUA-JCSD Recycled Water Intertie Project (the RWP). As California’s drought conditions worsen, the RWP will play an essential role in the region’s long-term response to drought and water conservation. Upon completion, the RWP will produce over 1 billion gallons of recycled water annually. The RWP will offset precious potable water supplies by serving nearly 200 million gallons of recycled water annually to JCSD’s irrigation customers in Eastvale and Jurupa Valley. Irrigation customers include parks, schools, landscape irrigation along streets, and commercial properties. Read more in the press release here.