Connect Beyond CASA Connects: Join CASA’s LISTSERVs!
Is there a topic of interest particularly near and dear to your heart? Maybe biosolids? Collection systems? Legislative advocacy? Along with this newsletter, CASA offers several other ways to connect and share on these topics and more. With a number of LISTSERVs available to our members for updates on Biosolids, Communications, Collection Systems, Federal Advocacy, Regulatory Issues, State Advocacy, and Air Quality, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy, there really is something for everyone! These group email lists are interactive and the most immediate way to get up to date information about what’s going on in the world of clean water advocacy.

Members can subscribe employees to any (or all) of these LISTSERVs. If you are interested,  please send Cheryl MacKelvie your email at and identify the list you would like to subscribe to. We are proud to be your source for wastewater legislative, regulatory, and industry news! Below please find a brief description of each listserv:

  • Air Quality, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy (ACE Workgroup) – Provides updates on variety of issues dealing with climate change, renewable energy, and air quality issues. Agendas and materials for the monthly meetings are distributed through this LISTSERV.
  • Biosolids – Frequent updates on legal, regulatory, and science issues related to biosolids management.
  • Communications – Provides a forum for updates and information exchange from public information and outreach professionals working on community affairs programs/projects. Includes periodic reports from the Communications Committee.
  • Collection Systems Workgroup – Provides updates and information on issues facing collection systems. Agendas and materials for the bimonthly meetings are distributed through this LISTSERV.
  • Federal Advocacy – Updates from our federal legislative advocates regarding the latest developments from Capitol Hill, including bill tracking and key legislation that impacts our member agencies. The LISTSERV is also a forum for Federal Legislative Committee members to communicate.
  • Regulatory Workgroup – Provides updates and information on important regulatory issues for both water quality and biosolids. Agendas and materials for the monthly meetings, including comment letters and important notices, are distributed through this LISTSERV.
  • State Advocacy – Updates from our State Legislative Committee regarding state legislative advocacy including bill tracking and sponsored legislation that impact our member agencies. The LISTSERV is also a forum for State Legislative Committee members to communicate.


Participation Request: CASA Agency Salary Survey
CASA would like to encourage your agency’s participation in the periodic CASA Agency Salary and Benefits Survey. The survey provides valuable information for our members. The more responses we receive, the more accurate the statistical summary we can create. If your agency participated previously, your data is important for those agencies that use benchmarks. For those of you who have not participated in recent surveys, or have never participated, you will find this information very helpful when conducting a salary classification and review. Monterey One Water has again graciously volunteered to coordinate and produce the survey report.

For inquiries about the survey, please contact Deborah Welch at

Thank you for your participation in the development of this important member resource.

Call for Award of Excellence Nominations!
CASA seeks to recognize members who provide essential public services and go above and beyond to protect public health and the environment. Member agencies and associates are invited to submit an Award of Excellence application by May 1, 2020. Categories include Excellence in Innovation & Resiliency, Public Outreach/Education, Organizational Excellence, and Outstanding Capital Project. More information about the award criteria and categories is available on the website.

Award recipients will be honored in August at the CASA Annual Conference in Squaw Creek.


CASA Education Foundation Scholarship Applications
The CASA Education Foundation helps ensure clean water for Californians by awarding scholarships to promising students on a path to serving the environmental community. Does your local college or university know about CASA’s financial aid to students interested in a career in water? The Foundation is accepting scholarship applications through April 26, 2020. For information on how to apply, who is eligible and the scholarship guidelines, visit the website.