Congratulations Central San – Winner of NACWA’s Operational Excellence Award!

Central Contra Costa Sanitary District is one of only 23 wastewater treatment agencies across the nation to maintain a compliance streak of at least 20 years. Since 1998, Central San has cleaned and returned more than 296 billion gallons of water to Suisun Bay. This water meets all federal, state and regional water quality standards. Read more.

West Basin Reaches 200 Billion Gallon Recycled Water Milestone

More great news! Congratulations to West Basin Municipal Water District for reaching the significant milestone of producing more than 200 billion gallons of recycled water.

Every drop of water recycled by the District is a drop of drinking water conserved for homes and businesses. To date, the District conserved enough drinking water to provide 5.5 million people for one year through its water recycling program. Read more.