What California can Learn from Cape Town About Water Policy
Senator Robert Hertzberg penned an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle this week that highlighted a number of approaches to potentially addressing future water shortages. Some of the suggestions included working collaboratively with agricultural users to more effectively use and reuse ag waters, incentivizing conservation efforts through effective advertising and public education campaigns, and encouraging our local water agencies to work cooperatively to develop new regional water solutions such as storm water capture and reuse. He also stated his intent to “redouble [his] efforts for bold action” as it relates to pursuing a 100% ocean discharge mandate that has been unsuccessful in the Legislature on two previous attempts over the last 5 years. CASA will continue to track this issue closely and work with Senator Hertzberg’s office in advance of the upcoming Legislative session.


CalMatters Article: Bioenergy and Green Hydrogen
Check out the article published in CalMatters on the need for bioenergy and green hydrogen to ensure a reliable and renewable power grid, penned by Julia Levin of the Bioenergy Association of California. The article explains how solar, wind and batteries are critical to California’s clean energy future, but they are not enough without bioenergy projects to diversify the state’s portfolio.