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CASA News 1/20

CASA Winter Conference: Registration Closes Soon!  Join us next week during CASA’s Annual Winter Conference for a special session on the recently released documentary, Brave Blue World featuring lead researcher and content creator, Aoife Kelleher. Aoife joined BlueTech Research as a Water Technology Research Analyst and has a diverse background in field, laboratory and data-based [...]

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State Legislative Update 1/20

Governor Releases 2021-22 State Budget On Friday January 8, 2021, Governor Newsom unveiled his proposed 2021-2022 Budget. The $227 billion budget plan is focused on COVID relief. More than $14 billion has been allocated to support small businesses, support for families most affected by the pandemic, and the safe reopening of schools. Income tax revenues [...]

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Federal Update 1/20

President-Elect Biden Unveils $1.9 Trillion COVID-19 Relief Package Plan President-Elect Joe Biden has unveiled his incoming Administration’s plan to deliver $1.9 trillion in funding to address the COVID-19 crisis that still rages across the country. Entitled the "American Rescue Plan," it is the first step in the overall two-step plan the Administration has to tackle [...]

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Member News 1/20

FY 2020 WIFIA Selection Congratulations to the numerous CASA members who were selected to receive 2020 Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) loans. The WIFIA program accelerates investment in our nation’s water infrastructure by providing long-term, low-cost supplemental loans for regionally and nationally significant projects. Over 30 California projects were selected including projects from [...]

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In Case You Missed It 1/20

Letter to the Editor CASA was part of a recent letter to the editor in response to an article published in the Science of the Total Environment, Pandemic Danger to the Deep: The Risk of Marine Mammals Contracting SARS-CoV-2, alleging danger to marine mammals from SARS-CoV-2 released to marine environments from wastewater. CASA’s Greg Kester [...]

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CASA News 1/20/21

Committee Seeks Suggestions for Potential CASA Board Members The CASA nominating committee, chaired by past president Bill Long, will convene in early spring to consider CASA Board of Directors candidates for the August 2021 ballot. The committee will be recommending candidates for four of the twelve elected seats. The Board of Directors is the governing body responsible [...]

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Happy New Year from CASA!

New Year, New Perspective As we forge ahead into 2021, it is important to take a moment and reflect on the tumultuous year we are leaving behind. To say that 2020 presented all of us with an unprecedented set of challenges would be an understatement. Fortunately there appear to be better days on the horizon. [...]

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CASA News 1/7

CASA Winter Conference: What’s Next in Washington D.C.? Join us on Thursday, January 28th during the CASA Winter Conference to hear from Radhika Fox, Chief Executive Officer with the US Water Alliance as she provides some insights on the future in Washington D.C.. Radhika is a widely recognized thought leader on complex water issues, from [...]

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Federal Update 1/7

117th Congress Officially Begins The 117th Congress officially convened on Sunday, January 3 and a number of high-profile events are to take place in the first few weeks of the first session. After major upsets by the Democratic challengers in this week’s run-off Georgia Senate elections, the Senate will be split 50/50, with Vice President-Elect [...]

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Regulatory Update 1/7

SWB Receives Update on Inaugural Volumetric Annual Reports of Wastewater and Recycled Water On January 5, during their first meeting of 2021, the State Water Resources Control Board (Board) heard an informational item on the results of the first annual volumetric reporting for wastewater and recycled water. The reports were due last summer following the Board’s [...]

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