CASA Wipes Bill, AB 818 (Bloom), Heads to the Governor
CASA is pleased to announce that after three years of legislative work on the wipes issue, AB 818 (Bloom) is headed to the Governor’s desk! If signed, this bill will establish the strongest “Do Not Flush” wipes labeling and public education requirements in the country. This is a huge win for our sector and we would like to thank Jessica Gauger and the State Legislative committee for all of their hard work over the years to see this through. Please be sure to submit a letter requesting the Governor’s signature on AB 818. We have provided a template letter that can be customized for your individual agency.


CASA Stormwater Bill, SB 273 (Hertzberg), Heads to the Governor
We are pleased to report that SB 273 (Hertzberg), our co-sponsored bill with California Coastkeepers Alliance, is headed to the Governor’s desk after passing unanimously off the Senate Floor on concurrence last week. If enacted this bill will authorize any wastewater treatment entity in California to undertake voluntary programs and projects to divert and treat industrial, commercial, and municipal stormwater and dry weather runoff. We have sent a coalition support letter on behalf of the supporting association members, and have drafted a template signature request letter for agencies wishing to support the bill with the Governor’s office. Feel free to customize the letter for your agency’s needs and we encourage you to get letters in as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the bill or how to submit a letter, please contact Jessica Gauger or Alma Musvosvi.


2021 Legislative Session Ends Friday
Friday, September 10 is the final adjournment of the 2021 Legislative Session.  The last several weeks have been incredibly busy as the Legislature wraps up their business for the year.  Several major policy bills and Budget packages still have to be passed before Friday’s deadline, and we expect that the Legislature will be meeting late into the night in the last remaining days prior to the end of Session.  Once the Session adjourns, the Governor has until October 10 to sign or veto the hundreds of bills that are now awaiting action on his desk.  The Legislature will remain adjourned until January.  Over the Fall recess, Legislative staff will be relocating to the newly constructed “swing space,” in downtown Sacramento, which will serve as their temporary workplace while the historic Capitol building is being renovated for the next several years.  The 2022 Legislative Session will be conducted entirely in the new “swing space,” which has several hearing rooms in addition to individual member offices.