AB 1672 (Bloom) Held in Senate Appropriations Committee
CASA’s sponsored wet wipes labeling bill was held in the Senate Appropriations Committee during its final “suspense file” hearing on August 20. The unexpected action came as a shock to us, our co-sponsors, Assembly Member Bloom and the other stakeholders. As we have reported previously, the bill was negotiated over several months and represented a consensus agreement to enact the strongest wet wipe labeling requirements in the nation. Unfortunately it is difficult to get a clear picture of what ultimately drove the Senate to this decision. We are still working with the Legislature to parse out any lingering concerns that we can consider in future legislative initiatives. Needless to say this is a very disappointing conclusion of our legislative efforts for the last two years. Nonetheless, throughout this process we have built productive relationships with industry partners and elevated the public discourse about problems faced by wastewater agencies from the improper flushing of wet wipes. We are grateful for our member engagement in this effort and look forward to moving the conversation forward next year.