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SWB 2020 Volumetric Report– 1M AF Recycled
At the State Water Board’s October 19 meeting, staff reported on the 2020 volumetric annual report of wastewater and recycled water. In 2020, the amount of water recycled in California under the state’s Title 22 regulations grew 6 percent over the previous year to reach 728,000 acre-feet per year. Combined with recycled water used for environmental protection, which is not considered a Title 22 use, California now exceeds 1 million acre-feet of water recycling annually. WateReuse California (WRCA) testified that the potable reuse totals are expected to more than double in the coming years as major projects have begun construction and direct potable reuse regulations are in draft form. WRCA also asked that the State Water Board include the “instream flow” and “natural systems” recycled water uses in its statewide totals for the 2021 report, as this will give the public a more complete understanding of the benefits of recycled water to California. Please reach out to Jared Voskuhl with feedback or questions.