Revised Toxicity Provisions from the State Water Board Are Here

The State Water Board recently released a revised draft of the proposed toxicity provisions as well as a notice of staff workshops. The intent of the provisions is to set statewide water quality objectives for both acute and chronic toxicity and establish an implementation program. Over several years, CASA has been working with the Water Board to refine these provisions. These provisions have the potential to significantly impact permit conditions for dischargers to inland surface waters, and could be incorporated into ocean discharge permits in the future. The previous draft was released in October of 2018, and garnered extensive comments from numerous stakeholders, including CASA. CASA has been working with the Water Board to refine these provisions over the last several years.

The most recent draft was responsive to several issues of concern to CASA including provisions related to calculating dilution. The provisions also contain new language of concern that CASA will review and address at the workshop and in written comments. CASA will continue to advocate for a reasonable approach to implement a more efficient plan for the toxicity provisions.