Revised SB 1383 Regulation Text in Print
The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery released the long anticipated new regulatory text for the regulations to implement SB 1383 on Organics Diversion. There is a 30-day public comment period, with comments due on May 20th by 5:00 PM. CASA’s initial review shows no substantive changes that would negatively impact wastewater agencies or change our position on the regulations. As we review and draft a comment letter, we will update the LISTSERVs as appropriate and develop a template letter for interested agencies. Please contact Greg Kester with any questions or comments.


Central Valley Salinity Plan
Amendments to the Central Valley basin plans to implement a Salt and Nitrate Control Program (CV-SALTS) were approved by the State Water Resources Control Board on October 16, 2019 (RESOLUTION NO. 2019-0057) and the majority of the program became effective on January 17, 2020. The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (CVWB) intends to begin sending out Notices to Comply for the Salt and Nitrate Control Program in late May.

While updates on this program have previously focused on wastewater agency concerns from the perspective of water quality and discharge limits, the implications for biosolids activities are now coming into focus as well. CV-SALTS consists of two distinct programs with which permittees must comply. The first addresses salt in both surface and groundwaters and the second addresses nitrate in groundwater. All who land apply biosolids, including compost, in the Central Valley Region need to comply with requirements of both programs. Please find the full summary here: Central Valley Salts Summary and we will keep you posted as the policy becomes implemented.


AWWA Water & Sewer Affordability Report
The American Water Works Association released a study on Water and sewer affordability in the United States: a 2019 update. Results show that affordability conditions have worsened on average since the last such study in 2017. Read more here.