Heal the Ocean Releases Study on Ocean Discharges

Last week, Heal the Ocean released a study entitled Inventory of Municipal Wastewater Discharges to California Coastal Waters. The study concludes that 417 billion gallons of treated municipal wastewater was discharged into the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay in 2015. It suggests that ocean discharges provide no environmental benefit and could instead be recycled to offset drinking water supplies.

CASA is still evaluating the study contents and considering whether a response is warranted.

The full study can be found here.


What Motivates Californians to use Less Water?

Katrina Jessoe, a UC Davis economist and member of the PPIC Water Policy Center’s Research Network, discusses a study and findings relating to California water conservation messaging during the summer of 2015. Specifically, Jessoe describes the communications strategy used by a municipally owned water and electric utility and the results of their efforts.

Read the full interview.


California Water Professional Appreciation Week October 6-14

California Water Professionals Appreciation Week is upon us! We encourage CASA member agencies to showcase the programs and events that educate California water customers, local elected leaders, state and federal legislators and other key audiences. Sharing your agency’s activities during the week highlights the value of water and wastewater services and the important role that water professionals play in providing these services. It is also an opportunity to showcase careers in the water industry. Please share information on your website and social media accounts.

For more information, visit ACWA’s Water Professionals Appreciation Week Toolkit.