The Cost of Wipes on America’s Clean Water Utilities
NACWA has released the long-awaited nationwide study on The Cost of Wipes on America’s Clean Water Utilities. CASA collaborated with NACWA and other water associations to produce this report which provides an estimate of the increased operating costs for utilities nationwide, with costs also estimated for each state. It is available here on CASA’s wipes webpage as well as NACWA’s new Toilets Are Not Trashcans webpage. NACWA’s new site features some great educational, legislative, and utility focused resources, we encourage you to check it out and take the 3 P Pledge when it opens. Please contact Alyssa Downs or Jessica Gauger with any questions.


The Water Equity Network
At the end of September, the US Water Alliance announced the Water Equity Network, which aligns the resources and capacities of diverse stakeholders to advance equitable water management. The Network is composed of City Learning Teams, with representatives from local water and wastewater utilities, organizations serving vulnerable communities, environmental groups, philanthropy, and more. It is a nationwide community of practice in which participating water agencies and City Learning Teams collaborate to advance equitable water management practices at the local, state, and national levels. Learning Teams receive coaching and support from the US Water Alliance to guide them through identifying local challenges and developing policies and programs to advance water equity. Learn more here.