Hala Titus, P.E., BCEE
Vice President/Director West Pacific Region, CDM Smith

How would you describe your job?
As a vice president and the sales director for the West Pacific Region, I drive the sales strategy and develop the associated investment plans.  I monitor performance of our projects to deliver high quality projects on budget and within schedule.

This includes maintaining and building client relationships to further understand the market, industry drivers and trends including strategic partnerships. I work to highlight our leadership in the industry; particularly at major conferences.  Last, but not least, I manage the staff and their development and training.

What attracted you to this type of work?
There are a few reasons, mainly because this work is very impactful.  We work on projects that make a difference in people’s lives. We get to offer innovative solutions that deliver the best projects for our clients and provide optimum results to our communities. I was also very fortunate to have the opportunity to work in different countries and gain global experience.

What do you most enjoy about working at your agency?
The culture of shared commitment and focus on our common purpose. We provide exceptional services to clients, the best working environment to employees and work with the best in the industry.  Additionally, I am driven by our investment in research and development of industry trends and technologies, the relentless efforts to improve the environment, to be positive leaders in our communities and the support I get from our executive leadership team.

What is a project or accomplishment you consider the most significant in your career?
I take pride in all my projects. The ones that were significant career milestones for me include:

  • Unaccounted-for Water Reduction Project in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Echo Park Lake Rehabilitation Project and the Digester Gas Utilization project for City of Los Angeles
  • Charnock Well Field Restoration Project for the City of Santa Monica
  • Annacis Outfall Project for Metro Vancouver in BC, Canada

Each one was a landmark project with a high value of return to the client and community.  They all had a common theme of sustainability and/or resource recovery. It is very rewarding to be part of these significant projects.  

Years in our industry?

What advice would you give to employees starting their wastewater career?
Keep an open mind and explore opportunities, work on diverse projects and be eager to learn and be connected to professional organizations. There is a tremendous opportunity to network and learn about the newest industry trends.

Why did you initially become involved in CASA?
When I moved to California in 2005, I made an effort to connect with the major professional associations. I wanted to build my network and accelerate my knowledge of current trends, drivers, challenges and path to resolution.

CASA has a great reputation and a unique place in the industry as the leading voice for California clean water agencies on regulatory, legislative and legal issues. Its dedication to advancing wastewater interests, reuse and generation of renewable energy is commendable. I see CASA as a great partner. I got involved in 2006 and have been an active participant since then. Recently, I have had the honor of facilitating an excellent panel for CASA.

What do you wish other people in the wastewater industry who are not CASA members knew about the organization?
CASA is a great venue to connect with clean water industry leadership and gain insight into the latest development regarding legislation. It provides an opportunity to be engaged in partnerships on clean water and beneficial reuse issues that protect public health and the environment.