Roland Williams, Making a Difference in his Community

Roland Williams is a familiar face to those who have been attending CASA conferences over the years.  Roland is general manager of the Castro Valley Sanitary District and a member of the CASA Board of Directors.  He has over 28 years of experience in the wastewater field. As GM, Roland oversees every aspect of the District’s wastewater and solid waste programs and facilities. He recently shared with us some of his accomplishments and weighed in on the value of CASA membership.

Roland championed the Lateral Replacement Grant Program in 1997. The program provides grants to residents within the service area to replace defective laterals, which can be a significant source of infiltration and inflow as well as contribute to sanitary sewer overflows.  The grants cover 50% of the approved cost, up to a maximum reimbursement of $2,000. Only a replacement of more than 50% of the lateral, that completely eliminates I&I, is eligible for the program. Groundbreaking at the time of its launch, the LRGP has become a model for countless other programs around the state and country.

CVSan recently celebrated its 80th anniversary of excellent service to the community and is one of the founding members of CASA. Roland personally has found value in networking and information sharing with other CASA members over the years and says CASA has been a great resource for him throughout his career.

Roland notes how important it is that CASA members are helping to make policy and shape laws and regulations in Sacramento and Washington D.C. through participation in legislative committees and the annual D.C. policy forum. He appreciates that CASA members are able to play a role in the lawmaking process for the wastewater community.

Roland keeps abreast of management trends and techniques and is a strong advocate for inclusiveness and diversity of ideas, perspectives, etc. He encourages wastewater newcomers to learn as much from the preceding generation to push past the limits of what they believe can be accomplished and never accept the status quo. He sees energy renewal, sea level rise and increased regulations as important future trends to track and become engaged with as CASA members and for your own agency.