The Show Will Go On…CASA Washington D.C. Policy Forum Examines the New Dynamics of Federal Policymaking

CASA’s 15th Annual Washington D.C. Policy Forum (February 25-27) is shaping up to be a historic event as we all attempt to navigate a new policymaking environment.

The mid-term elections welcomed the largest freshman class since 1974, challenging the established order of both political parties. With this generational changing of the political guard, CASA has extended speaking invitations to representatives Harley Rouda, Katie Porter and Mike Levin.  We would like them to discuss their perspectives on life in Washington D.C. and their priorities for the coming year. Leading pundits and members of congress are also slated to address attendees, including Politico Editor Marty Kady. Politico is Washington’s “Rosetta Stone” of politics and policymaking, deciphering the known and unknown of D.C.’s power brokers.

The forum will also feature senior staff of the Committees on Transportation and Infrastructure and Environment and Public Works. These two committees play key roles in the development of water infrastructure policy. Finally, panels will explore the impact of divided government, the governmental shutdown and the 2020 General Election and discuss how changing circumstances could influence federal clean water policies.

The Washington D.C. Policy Forum is open for registration.

When:       Monday, February 25 – Wednesday, February 27

Where:      St. Regis, Washington D.C.

View the preliminary program and register.