The Newest Disease Detection Tool for COVID and Beyond
Wastewater Based Epidemiology continues to show effectiveness in early detection of disease including the COVID-19 virus in communities. “As vaccination rates increase and we get the variants, it’s still going to be important because clinical testing is decreasing… we really want to make this part of the infrastructure.” CASA’s Director of Renewable Resource Programs, Greg Kester shared in this article.


PPIC Commentary: To Restore California’s Ecosystems, We Must Adopt Smarter Permitting
California’s ecosystems are vital to the state’s economy and wellbeing, yet they’re in dire health. Large-scale restoration is needed, and implementing smarter permitting can help.

Read more from the Public Policy Institute of California here.


Women Blaze Path to Top of California’s Water World
SJV Water reports that in California’s water world, women are blazing a path to the top. “Women have been moving into those fields more and more,” said Ellen Hanak, director of the PPIC Water Policy Center. “In the 20 years that I’ve been working on California water, you do see a shift over time, with the sector kind of mirroring the evolution of what’s happening in professions as they’re diversified more generally.” Read the full article here.