[All workshops are free and open to all CASA members]

Partnering on PFAS Workshop
Finding ways to identify sources of PFAS contamination and manage PFAS in our environment continues to be a hot topic for water and wastewater agencies in 2022. If you are struggling to keep up with all the latest developments on PFAS, we are here to help! Join us on Wednesday, April 27, at 10:00am to hear from experts at CDM Smith, which performed a deep dive on the PFAS data recently collected by the State Water Board, as well as representatives from the State Water Board on what comes next for PFAS regulation. Register Here.

This workshop will also provide attendees with a look at what the USEPA’s PFAS Strategic Road Map could mean for your agency and an opportunity to hear from lead researchers at SFEI on the work they performed related to PFAS and its key findings. If your agency has any concerns about PFAS, this program includes important new information you need to know! Register Here.


Step Up Your Career Development: Learning to Communicate with Intention
Wednesday, May 18, 11:00am to 12:00pm
Register Here

Take your career to the next level with expert insights from Maggie Frye at CORE Consulting. Maggie has worked with CASA member agencies and spoken at CASA conferences about the value of mentorship. Now, learn about the types of proactive steps you can take to further develop your career in the clean water sector by communicating with intention. In this webinar, you will learn about communication as an intentional process, the benefits of intentional communication in creating shared meaning, and the importance of adapting based on audience and context.

To communicate with intention means to carefully craft your messaging based on your audience and desired goals. Key to connecting with your audience is being prepared with a clear purpose and an audience-centered mindset behind your message. Communication gaps are connected to most challenges we face at work – so attend this webinar to make your work lives a bit more productive, efficient, and ultimately – more enjoyable! You will also walk away with templates to help structure your messaging. Also learn more about the CASA LEAD (Leadership, Education, Advancement and Development) Program, including the CASA mentorship program and the professional development LISTSERV, as well as other ways for emerging leaders to get involved.