2022 CASA Winter Conference
We are happy to announce that our 2022 Winter Conference will be held in-person at the Hilton Palm Springs on January 19-21. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other at a CASA Winter Conference, and while some things have changed, the best parts remain the same! We are bringing back all our favorite elements, including round-table discussions, live panels, stellar speakers, and plenty of networking opportunities. This year’s Winter Conference theme is “Partners in Excellence,” because we truly could not do what we do without all of you!

Registration is now open!

As we ease back into in-person events, we appreciate your patience and willingness to follow all COVID protocols to ensure that we all remain as safe and healthy as possible.

 As part of our commitment to the safety and health of attendees at the 2022 CASA Winter Conference, we are requiring that all attendees provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test within 72 hours before arrival. As we approach the conference date, we will communicate further information about the process for participants to verify their proof of vaccination or negative COVID test prior to arriving. Without verification, you will not be able to attend the in-person conference. Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation as we navigate the new landscape together.

Register early to lock in the best hotel rates and please be sure to follow the safety guidelines, notices, and waivers in place. We hope to see you in Palm Springs!


Connecting Beyond CASA Connects: Join CASA’s LISTSERVs!
Is there a topic of interest particularly near and dear to you? Maybe biosolids? Collection systems? Legislative advocacy? Along with this newsletter, CASA offers several other ways to connect and share on these topics and more. With several LISTSERVs available to our members for updates on Biosolids, Communications, Collection Systems, Federal Advocacy, Regulatory Issues, State Advocacy, Air Quality, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy, and our NEWEST listserv, Professional Development, there really is something for everyone! These group email lists are interactive and the most immediate way to get up to date information about what’s going on in the world of clean water advocacy.

Members can subscribe employees to any (or all) of these LISTSERVs. If you are interested, please send Cheryl MacKelvie your email at cmackelvie@casaweb.org and identify the list you would like to subscribe to. We are proud to be your source for wastewater legislative, regulatory, and industry news! Below please find a brief description of each LISTSERV:

  • Air Quality, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy (ACE Workgroup)– Provides updates on variety of issues dealing with climate change, renewable energy, and air quality issues. Agendas and materials for the monthly meetings are distributed through this LISTSERV.
  • Biosolids– Frequent updates on legal, regulatory, and science issues related to biosolids management.
  • Communications – Provides a forum for updates and information exchange from public information and outreach professionals working on community affairs programs/projects. Includes periodic reports from the Communications Committee.
  • Collection Systems Workgroup– Provides updates and information on issues facing collection systems. Agendas and materials for the bimonthly meetings are distributed through this LISTSERV.
  • Federal Advocacy– Updates from our federal legislative advocates regarding the latest developments from Capitol Hill, including bill tracking and key legislation that impacts our member agencies. The LISTSERV is also a forum for Federal Legislative Committee members to communicate.
  • Regulatory Workgroup– Provides updates and information on important regulatory issues for both water quality and biosolids. Agendas and materials for the monthly meetings, including comment letters and important notices, are distributed through this LISTSERV.
  • State Advocacy– Updates from our State Legislative Committee regarding state legislative advocacy including bill tracking and sponsored legislation that impact our member agencies. The LISTSERV is also a forum for State Legislative Committee members to communicate.
  • Professional Development – A source to keep members informed of upcoming webinars, workshops, trainings, events, and general opportunities for professional development in all facets of the clean water industry including biosolids, communications, finance, human resources, regulatory, and more.