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Voter Approved Prop 68 Provides Money for Water Recycling

California voters just approved Proposition 68, a $4 billion general obligation bond for parks, natural resources protection, climate adaptation, water quality and supply and flood [...]

Microplastics Experts Presenting at Annual Conference

Plastics seem to be everywhere in the news lately — bans on single use straws, limitations on packaging materials and microplastic challenges in the aquatic [...]

Sign Up! Registration Open for Asset Management Workshops

Are you doing enough to protect your agency’s infrastructure and plan for the future? Is prudent and comprehensive asset management part of your agency culture? [...]

CASA, WateReuse CA to Comment on Revised Water Policy

CASA and WateReuse CA are working closely on testimony and written comments on proposed revisions  to the State Water Board’s Recycled Water Policy.  We seek [...]


CASA and #WateReuse CA are working closely on testimony and comments on proposed revisions to the @CaWaterBoards Recycled Water Policy. Learn what changes we seek here:…

About 3 days ago from CASA_CleanWater's Twitter