Who Wants to Throw a Party at their Treatment Plant?

  A chorus of “We do!” should be the resounding reply! Guest blog by Michele McKinney, Western Municipal Water District Why, you ask? Hosting an open house at your agency’s treatment facility offers your customers a unique opportunity to see first-hand how one of the most critical public services is accomplished. And, it gives your agency a [...]

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Land Application Critical in Achieving California’s Goals for Climate Change and Healthy Soils

by CASA Director of Renewable Resource Programs, Greg Kester  What is the most successful recycling program in America? I would argue that it's the successful recycling of biosolids back to land – returning to the soil that from which it came. Biosolids are the highly beneficial product of wastewater treatment. Solids produced in the water [...]

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Watershed Management for Compliance: The Natural Alternative to (some) Infrastructure Upgrades

By Alex Johnson, Senior Freshwater Solutions Director at The Freshwater Trust. Many wastewater agencies in California find themselves facing stricter limits in upcoming NPDES permits for nontoxic pollutants like phosphorus, nitrogen, salinity and temperature. Instead of costly infrastructure upgrades, managing your watershed via tools such as water quality trading or an offsets program may now [...]

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I Appreciate Wastewater Infrastructure (So Why Doesn’t Everyone?)

By Marco Palilla, CASA Associates Committee Chair, Associate Vice President at HDR Engineering Yes, I appreciate wastewater infrastructure! And no, not just because I am an engineering consultant. I appreciate wastewater infrastructure because it improves my quality of life in so many ways. The fact that we can flush our toilets and send waste to [...]

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Replicating Success: What We Learned from a “Ban the Bead” Campaign, by Adam Link, CASA Director of Government Affairs

Microbeads: small plastic particles once embedded in everything from toothpaste to facewash, now slated for extinction within the next few years. A surprising turn of events, not simply because it happened but because it happened so fast. Progress on environmental issues is typically measured in years, not months. Yet in an era of perpetual political [...]

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Presenting CASA’s Updated Brand and Website!

I’m delighted to create CASA’s first ever blog post. Last year, we undertook a major effort to refresh our brand and redesign our website. Why did we do this? Well, CASA is a vibrant, effective and talented organization.

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