Flushability Standards Moving Forward

The International Water Services Flushability Group met March 20-21 to consider comments received on the second draft of the IWSFG flushability standard. CASA is a member of the IWSFG, an international group of wastewater utilities and associations. Its members share a common goal to reduce problems caused by the inappropriate flushing of consumer products. The IWSFG will finalize the flushability standard in April. It will ensure products are safe to flush into municipal wastewater systems and support efforts for state legislation to mitigate  problems caused by flushed wipes.

As announced at the Winter Conference, a Nonflushables Action Plan is one of our top priorities this year.  We are working to better educate policy and decision makers about the nonflushables issue through focused, data-driven messaging. Contact Adam Link or Jessica Gauger for more information.