I’m delighted to create CASA’s first ever blog post. Last year, we undertook a major effort to refresh our brand and redesign our website. Why did we do this? Well, CASA is a vibrant, effective and talented organization. Our members are on the cutting edge of resource recovery, water quality protection and utility management. And while CASA has evolved and grown as an organization, our communication tools had not. Our old logo, colors and website didn’t really convey who we are and what we do.

CASA’s brand had not undergone a full examination for almost 10 years, and the Board of Directors agreed the time had come for a new look and feel. The old logo served us well for many years, but had become dated and lacked impact. We also wanted to improve the website for accessibility, ease of navigation and improved content management. Our website had a lot of information, but it wasn’t always easy to find or current. And it wasn’t optimized for use on mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

In today’s world, communication must be immediate and current. But we’re not only interested in providing information to our members and partners; we also want to hear from you. Your input and expertise are key to shaping our advocacy and education programs. That’s why our new website includes two-way communication via a blog and discussion forums for the exchange of ideas and knowledge. The success of these new tools depends, in part, on you. I hope you will participate and share your insights and ideas.

CASA is a great organization whose members are doing great things every day. Our advocates are advancing member interests day in and day out in the halls of the legislature, on Capitol Hill and with multiple regulatory agencies. I’m excited about the brand refresh and the new website because they better reflect the contributions and excellence of CASA and our members. I like the new colors and the contemporary logo. But as the late Steve Jobs observed, design “…is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” I’m interested in what you think. Please tell me what you like about the brand refresh and the new website design. What could be improved? Are there changes that would make the website more useful for you? Please use the comments area below to tell me what you think! Thank you!