Friday, February 17 was the final deadline for bills to be introduced for the 2017 Legislative Session. CASA staff are now hard at work combing through the hundreds of bills introduced to flag legislation of interest to the wastewater community. In a few weeks, the State Legislative Committee will meet to discuss the most pressing issues and establish CASA’s position on the relevant bills.

The bill introduction deadline is a critical milestone in the legislative session. Now that all of the legislation has been introduced for the year, the pace will quicken as bills start being referred to policy committees over the next month and a half. The numerous policy committees in both houses will begin meeting to hear bills in mid-March, and will be at the peak of the busy season in April leading up to the first big committee deadline on April 28th. Most bills CASA will be working on will be heard at least once during this eventful month. Stay tuned for a more in depth look at the legislation that we’re going to be working on this year in the coming weeks.